1. What is Landlord Tenant Services?
    LTS is a service that screens applications for landlords, employers, realtors, investors, brokers and we never forget the moms and pops. We want you to rest assured that the person(s) you are allowing to occupy your property is honest and can afford the payments. You will have the security of knowing they do not have a history of not paying, paying late, damages, complaints, or civil judgments.
  2. Set your criteria!
    LTS has criteria we use in regards to screening your prospective tenants. You should also have the same. Outline your rules and stick to them. Treat each person the same. Never discriminate… it’s against the law!
  3. How do you obtain background information, like their rental history?
    We call the landlord(s), fax or email a signed release to an apartment complex, and if they have a mortgage, we make sure their payments have been timely.
  4. How do you know you are talking to their landlord and not a family member or friend?
    We compare the addresses they put on the application to their credit report, personal profile and social media. Before we start making calls to a landlord, we do a quick check of deeds to see who owns the property. This has been a useful tool catching someone falsifying information on the application.
  5. Do you talk to the prospective tenant?
    Yes, of course, we are one-on-one with prospective tenants. If there are any discrepancies we give them the opportunity to explain.
  6. Is it legal to run a credit or criminal report?
    Yes, as long as the prospective tenant gives permission by signing the application after reading the disclaimer. We stay in compliance with Fair Housing and FCRA.
  7. Why do you need a credit report?
    LTS will use the credit report to ensure accurate information has been provided on the application. It will show good accounts, bad accounts, available credit, payment history, collections and civil judgments. Furthermore, with identity theft increasing; the credit report will verify name(s), addresses, social security number and date of birth. Although, we do not use the report for our complete recommendation it is useful to ensure the information is truthful.
  8. What happens if someone is not recommended?
    LTS only provides a recommendation. You are the decision maker. We offer a denial letter for you to send. LTS will discuss any discrepancies with the prospective tenant.
  9. Is that it?
    No, that is not it. We care about the person not recommended. If the prospective tenant was not recommended you will need to contact him/her and let this person know. If they have questions they are welcome to call LTS directly.

    1. We offer one-on-one consultation and explain why they were not recommended.
    2. We help guide them to credit repair if needed.
    3. LTS has resources that will help them. Sometimes they just don’t know where to start.
  10. How do I get the application to the prospective tenant?
    1. Send them to our website to fill out the application.
    2. Provide your ID # to them.
    3. They pay on the website with a credit or debit card. Or, they can use PayPal.
    4. After completing the application it is automatically emailed to you and LTS.
    5. Once received LTS will start the screening process.
  11. How long does it take to process an application?
    1. Our turnaround time is 48-72 hours. If the application is filled out thoroughly the turnaround time is much quicker.
    2. Landlords play a major roll by ensuring key information is submitted.
  12. How do I get the application to the tenant/buyer?
    1. Give it to them when you show the property.
    2. They can visit our website.
    3. Upload our application to your website.
  13. What happens if they want to apply for my property, I’ve advertised on Craig’s List, Backpage, newspaper, etc…?
    Simple follow any of the steps above and if the prospective tenant sends the application directly to us, we will contact you before we start processing it. By charging the tenant you don’t have any worries about getting billed. We will fax, email, or mail the application to you upon receiving it.
  14. How long does it take to process an application?
    1. Our turn-a-round time is 48-72 hrs.
    2. We are immediately on the phone with your prospective tenant/buyer to ensure them their application is being processed. (If they applied for your property chances are they applied for three others) Most will rent from the one that has that direct contact with them.
    3. Income verification is requested.
    4. Landlord history is verified. We also match the addresses on the application against their profile to make sure there is not any discrepancy.
  15. Why do you keep using the word SIMPLE? Nothing is that easy.
    At LTS, it is simple. Having rental property is stressful enough. LTS wants to help alleviate some of that by making things easy. By using a screening service you can free up so much time that could be spent showing your property, repairs, etc. Even if you have a full-time job you can feel confident knowing your prospective tenant is being processed while you are at work.
  16. What is a landlord report?
    We provide you with a written report on every prospective tenant you submit. This report will show in detail who we talked to, their position, and any comments made (good or bad) regarding the prospective tenant.
  17. How much will this service cost me?
    There is no cost and there are no contracts. LTS directly charges the prospective tenant for the application fee. If they pay you directly LTS will bill you monthly or keep your credit card in a secure location using QuickBooks.
  18. Is there anything else I need to know? Let’s re-cap…
    1. Show the property.
    2. Have them fill out the online application.
    3. LTS will process it within 48-72 hours.
    4. You will receive a report with our recommendation.
  19. How do I join to use the service?
    1. Register online.
    2. When your submission is received LTS will assign you a unique ID number.
    3. You will receive an email with instructions for your prospective tenant to submit an application.