LTS is a service that provides background checks.

We want you to rest assured the person(s) you are allowing to occupy your property is honest and can afford the payments.
Are you hiring a new employee? LTS provides employment background checks.

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LTS serves every state in the U.S. We have investors from all over the globe and welcome new clients.

We Work for You – LTS is a service that provides background checks.  You will have the security of knowing they do not have a history of not paying, paying late, damages, complaints, notices, civil judgments, or have a criminal record.

What we check and verify:

Personal Profile (Check any alias name)

Employment History (Past & Present)

Landlord History (Past & Present)

Check Civil Judgments (Every State & County)

Let LTS work for you!

Are you tired of evictions or late pays?  Would you like to speak to a live person?  Do you want that personal touch…?
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We work with landlords, employers, investors, brokers, property management companies, and we would never forget the mom and pops! You may have one property or employee, five, or five hundred. We can handle them all!

Fair Housing – Everyone must follow the federal fair housing laws and cannot discriminate against any person because of race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, military, handicap, familiar status or, or national origin.