Kevin Menaugh

“I have been using LTS for 5 + years to screen prospective tenants. They has saved me a tremendous amount of time, money and headaches. Not 1 tenant eviction and I attribute that to the outstanding screening that Landlord Tenant Services provides. Highly recommend them.”

Brandon Barkley

“Very pleased with with everything LTS has done for our business and rental properties. Detailed information and timely follow up. We trust their research when making our evaluations.”

Elroy Denninghamm

“I have used LTS’s services for a long time. LTS has always given complete reports on potential renters. They have a special way of knowing when to dig deeper into the applicants’ background after reviewing their information, and talking to them.
LTS takes the time to know a lot about their clients. They know my properties, they know the type of person I will accept, which is very helpful in my screening process.”

Sue Williams

“LTS has done my tenant screenings for about 4-5 years now. I will never go back to doing my own! They interviewed me as to what I looked for in a tenant. They knows all the questions to ask. They have an uncanny ability to ferret out untruths in applications. I have had unusual success with their analysis of the prospects submitted for screening.
LTS makes all the calls to former landlords, references, etc. All I have to do at the end of the process is decide which tenant best meets the criteria.
I recommend LTS to others every time the subject of screening is mentioned.”

David Barkey

“Landlord Tenant Services has provided reliable, easy to use, accurate & up to date information to qualify prospective tenants. The results of their screening have provided tenants with a 93.1% on-time payment record and no defaults to date. My first recommendation for any landlord is to secure the very best in tenant screening. We have recommended LTS to at least 10 prospective/current landlords and we have never had a complaint.”

Jim Brenner

“Landlord Tenant Services has provided me with the most accurate & up to date information as needed for qualifying my tenants. Makes professional recommendations and has a sincere interest in their work. I would recommend LTS’s services to any landlord.”